Tiberias rowing club

The Tiberias Rowing Club was built on the western shore of Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) in the 1950’s to develop marine and academic sports in Israel on the ancient sea of galilee. From the earliest days, the club vision has been the establishment of a water sports athletic center for academic, recreational, and competitive rowing on the Sea of Galilee in collaboration with professional Institutions in Israel. A primary objective at the TRC is the focus in development of youth and competitive rowing, considered one of the leading professional sports in the world, with a focus in ethical values ​​and achievement for all youth, adult women, and men.

Club activity is balanced with a struggle for needed resources. There are also constant challenges to address and overcome governmental bureaucracy and red tape. Despite these issues, the Tiberias Rowing Club has successfully taught thousands of people to row, developed elite, competitive, and recreational rowers, hosted international regattas, and is always open to all who are interested in the sport of rowing.

During the 1980s, the TRC was officially registered as a non-profit organization. This was followed by recognition as a national official sports club through the Israel Sports Federation. In the early years, and with the the waves of immigration into Israel during the 1990’s, the club board of directors and management helped to fully integrate teenagers and adults into Israeli society while also educating them about the sport of rowing.

To this day, the club is managed by skilled coaches, trainers, an administrative staff, and has an engaged board of directors. Together, they ensure that the club is equipped with modern boats and training equipment. This is achieved through membership dues, sponsorships, and generous donations. This is important as the TRC strives to help area youth, athletes, and individuals strive for educational development, and sports achievement and excellence, which contributes to the local community.

There is much to be proud about! The club now has athletes of all ages. Many have competed across Israel and abroad. The club has also proudly provided numerous athletes that have represented Israel in professional and elite competitions all over the world. The TRC has also been a rowing venue in Israel for elite level regattas including the world-famous Maccabee Games. The TRC is also a great place for recreational rowers to have an experience of a lifetime rowing past Roman ruins and historical landmarks such as Magdala and the Jordan River. There is nothing that compares with rowing on the Sea of Galilee.

Center of Excellence

The Tiberias Rowing Club is located on Lake Kinneret/ the Sea of Galilee. It is considered by many people to be one of the ten best places to row in the world. During the 2000s, the TRC completed a comprehensive master plan that focused on water sports activities in Tiberias. As home to competitive rowing in Israel, the TRC is a member of the International FISA Rowing Association and the Israel Sport Federation.

TRC Master Plan

The TRC master plan was prepared in the mid-2000s through a structured professional cooperation that incorporated all area of competitive water sport at the Tiberias rowing club. In it, the Tiberias marine education program focuses on academic pursuit of competitive and Olympic sports training, with a particular emphasis placed on development and achievement of area youth in the pursuit of academic excellence of water sports activities though learning to row.

Academic institutions & marine sport

The northern region of Israel has several academic institutions attended by thousands of young students. Area youth have different levels and abilities that are improved upon through instruction at the TRC. This is done at a unique natural location on the Sea of ​​Galilee with the beautiful and historic views of Lake Kinneret overlooking.

Athletic & educational goals

Due to the rapid expansion of the sports activities at the club, and its development over the years, there is a need for additional support and funding. Donations by Friends of the TRC can help improve the physical conditions of the existing club facilities, and support ongoing development of club programs and training of athletes.