Tiberias rowing club

The Rowing club was built on the shores of Lake Kinneret in the fifties, in order to develop the marine sports in israel, and for the pursuit of Academic rowing sport on the sea of galilee shores.
in the focus of development this sector of sport, considered one of the professional and leading in the world, and also focusing in values ​​and achievement to promote water sports in youth, adult women and men .

Club activity is accompanied by a daily struggle in dealing with the local authorities and government sports institutions stuck in red tape. Despite of the difficulties The Tiberias Rowing club is open to all who are interested in activities and sports lovers, with the assistance of modern boats and equipment and a profesional staff, all in ordet to develope the rowing sport in Israel and abroad.

during the 80s the club registrated as an official non-profit organization, due to the proven achievements in competitions in Israel and abroad, official sport institutions in israel made the Tiberias Rowing club as a official sport club.
the club is managed by a skilled trainers and Administrative staff, leading the athlets to strive for achievement and exellent. the trained staff stabilizes and contributes also to the local community by using educational involvement for sport and fitness.

The club operates as a non-profit organization the professional team and Administrative staff led the rowing club to achieve to the highest in the pursuit for exellance! in the early years with the beginning of the waves of immigration in israel during the 90’s, the club management had focused absorbing teenagers and adults to fully integration into Israeli society and to educate to marine sport.

Tens club has athletes from all ages, the increase activity of the club led to the purchase of equipment and professional boats while upgrading the physical conditions, in order to keep up withe the club’s rapid development pace.
The club vision, is to establish a center for academic rowing in the Sea of ​​Galilee, in collaboration with professional Institutions, the work plan is recruite budgets and donations in order to expan the activities and develop the awareness for the sport of Rowing.

Center of Excellence

Tiberias rowing club is a member of the International FISA Rowing Association ,
The club is located in Lake Kinneret and is considered to be one of the ten best places in pursuit. during the 2000s we completed the preparation of a master plan that focused in water sports activities in Tiberias.

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Sports master plan

The master plan was prepared in the mid-2000s, during a structured professional cooperation in all circles of competitive water sport, and the Tiberias rowing club. Tiberias marine education program focused on academic pursuit of competitive Olympic sport , particular emphasis was the place of the development and achievement in the pursuit of academic excellence of the over-all water sports activities.

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Academic institutions & marine sport

the North region of israel has number of academic institutions attended by thousands of young students attended by thousands of students in different courses, accredited reputation and quality, unique natural location on the Sea of ​​Galilee area with beautiful pastoral breathtaking Kinneret overlooking .

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Athletic & educational goals

Due to the expansion of the sports activities in the club and its development over the years, there are gaps in ongoing physical conditions on the existing club facilities, the existing conditions are not adapte themselves to the rhythm of the rapid development of the club

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