Women Rowing

Women rowing

Academic Rowing is also intended for women who always dreamed to prove their ability and skills and to be active in a healthy and professional sport, also to work as a individual or as a team.
academic rowing is the right way to experience a special and effective fitness program that combines mental and body training workout that contribute to the balance of mind and body.
Beyond the immediate gratification and fun that rowing has to offer, the exercise that is performed on all parts of the body is a significant way that contribute to the physical fitness, cardio strengthening, muscle strengthening, balance, and competitive thinking.
this Sport is suited for girls and adult women at all ages, also women after childbirth that looking for a quick way to constrict isometric scale combining superb workout to the abs and back, with an emphasis on the lower abs.

girls rowing

Tiberias rowing club working absorbing and nurturing the next generation of sport athlites. Today, the teenage girls competing in national competitions and recently the young rower Lena Pavlov participated in international competition for the first time in Europe in Brussels Ghent.
the women’s group recently won second place in the championship of Israel in 2014.

The club has a rich history and proven track record with girls and women.
Lena Pavlov- Israeli youth champion at the age of 14, Nina Baviib – Champion of Belgium by boat only (Skiff) until the age of 14 and winner of gold medal in rowing in the International Competition in Austria.

Women’s Champions 2016 ceremony held at Maccabi Israel

Rooney leads England team and win first place in the women’s octet Cup
Ronnie Yuster

– Irina Vorvorean proven abilities and many the many hopes pinned at herby her trainer and parents, Ronnie an outstanding athlete,is the New Hope of Tiberias rowing club and Israel

Women’s national team coach of the Oxford-Brookes sends reputable professional report which he expresses his personal and professional opinion about Roni.