Yaakov Darmon

Yaakov Darmon was the founder and served as the Chairman of the club,he was a dominant man, diligent and he was the spirit of all the processes that took place in the club.

he was born in 1928 to the to the Darmon family, a rooted Tiberian family of 8 generations, he was educated and was active as a young warrior that led to the liberation and the establishment of Israel, he served at the IDF where he specialized in technical professions combat support and logistics as a mechanic trained professional. over the years progressed he was ranked as master sergeant reservist army, with the release to citizenship he went and specialized as a recognized mechanics and become qualified and licensed garage manager.

Together with the work and care of his family he spent most of his time at the Tiberias rowing club and it became the central axis of his life, allong side his brother David, they worked together with all the members of the club, a loyal team that took care of all the needs and development of the club during decades, together with volunteers and active athletes who participated in international competitions abroad, local events and national competitions and because of these people water sports became the main sports field in Israel.

because of these activities, thousands of youth and adults of various ages for three generations taught the values ​​of the club, values which served the city and the community, and was a hostel for athletes and tourists from around the world.

Darmon served as the president until his last day , his sudden death in August 2014, left a large cavity and deep sorrow among the sports community in Israel, members of the club and all who cherish his memory.