Since its establishment, the Tiberias Rowing Club has had a long and proud tradition of successful participation in many national and international rowing competitions and multi-sport events. During these years, the club’s athletes have demonstrated incredible motivation and an overwhelming desire for achievement and excellence. The club has participated in hundreds of competitions and events in Israel and has been a leading contributor of the Israeli staff and athletes for the Israel National Rowing Team.

TRC members and athletes have represented Israel in both European and the World Championships for youth and adults with proven accomplishments and first place finishes. In international events, such as the 17th Maccabiah Games that were held on Lake Kinneret, the TRC athletes proved their ability with a first-time victory over Team USA, winning the gold medal. It would not be the last gold medal for Israel.

Much of TRC’s success is due to fulfillment of the master plan. The master plan was prepared in 2000 by the club’s management and has been brilliantly implemented by Head Coach Gennadi Sandler. A proud moment for TRC was at the World Rowing Championships of 2013. In that competition, Danny Friedman placed ninth in the world, and gained tremendous respect for Israel. This incredible accomplishment led to recognition by the International Olympic Committee of Israel in the sport of rowing. It also led to the mobilization of resources and financing for the Israeli Rowing Association.

The successes of Israeli rowing have since become known in other countries and institutions, and to the Israeli public who love and appreciate achievement in sports. The List of achievements and medals by TRC athletes includes: Participation on the Olympic team for Beijing; and winning for the first time in the history a bronze medal, and also winning gold medals in the championship of Croatia in 2006; and winning a bronze medal at competitions in Slovenia, Germany and Hamburg; winning the gold medal at the prestigious competition in Ghent Belgium, winning gold at the competition in Austria and in Finland; winning first places in competitions at the United States, placing an honorable fourth place in the World Championships held in Germany and a 13th place finish on the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. All these accomplishments and many others have attracted talented athletes and contributed to the club’s reputation.