Academic institutions & marine sport

the North region of israel has number of academic institutions attended by thousands of young students, among the colleges we have the Tel Hai academic institute in the Jezreel Valley, Ohalo College of Sports in Qazrin, and the Kinneret College in the Jordan Valley on the shores of Lake Kinneret- attended by thousands of students in different courses, accredited reputation and quality, unique natural location on the Sea of ​​Galilee area with beautiful pastoral breathtaking Kinneret overlooking .

Kinneret College enriching and pleasant experience. Similar to academic institutions throughout the world the college is located on the most beautiful region in Israel-Lake Kinneret.
like many academic institutions that is known in the world,also kinneret collerge have groups striving for academic excellence, in sport and studies.

at first, in the year of 2014, we started a Sport program that will integrate the kinneret college with the Tiberias rowing club. it is weel known that in many colleges especially a college that is located on the edge of the sea of Galilee, usualy have a sport program in the marine sport branch.
the purpose of the program is to integrate the Qazrin College of Sports and to teach the professions of rowing with the emphasis of sports achievement and also to teach water sports activities, the program will be accompanied by a professional team with experience that will enable all students to learn the rowing sport branch. the team will place the necessary infrastructure and professional equipment available to the students, the College was selected as a model experiment whose success will allow it to conduct future independent hosting tournaments and events to local and international teams, in favor of the existence of training camps and competitions in Israel.