Situated on the ancient Sea of Galilee – lake “Kinneret,” the Tiberias Rowing Club is Israel’s premier organization supporting the sport of rowing, achievement, and human powered water recreation.

Welcome to the Tiberias Rowing Club

The Tiberias Rowing Club (“TRC”) was founded in historic Tiberias, Israel on the west shore of Sea of Galilee or lake “Kinneret.” Tiberias is known for a glorious heritage and history that is sacred to three great religions of the world. It is a truly magnificent and scenic place to recreationally row, compete, and celebrate the sport of rowing.

TRC was founded at the end of the Israeli War of Independence. It was established by Zionist visionaries and brave warriors, who were water sports enthusiasts with a strong belief in academic pursuit. The club was thereby founded on the values ​​of education and sports, ​​aimed to educate athletes for achievement and excellence that would benefit the Israeli State, which had just been founded. It was a bold endeavor built on a purpose to shape and regroup the population, and to create a new melting pot that would be based on the values and principles of fair sportsmanship and contribution to the community.

To this day, the TRC has proudly educated generations of elite and recreational rowers, that have achieved national and international success bringing great honor to Tiberias and to the State of Israel. The club has also hosted many national and international competitions. It is additionally a rowing home for elite and recreational rowers from around the world.

The TRC is open and inviting for every athlete and recreational rower who wishes to strive and experience the ultimate rowing dream. To row on the Sea of Galilee in Tiberias, Israel is an experience that lasts with someone for a lifetime! Not surprisingly, the TRC has been recognized as one of the 10 top rowing clubs in the world that someone must visit.

Academic of Rowing

Rowing is a rigorous water sport activity. The athlete uses a special rowing boat or shell that is built from strong lightweight carbon fiber materials. It is a sport where the athlete employs their entire body by propelling themselves on a moving seat situated on two tracks within the shell. This is done through leg contraction, leverage and then spreading both arms while holding a pair of sculls or sweep oars that are then submerged into the water but near the surface. The rower then pushes with their legs, while releasing their back and pulling their body like a spring cocked and releasing in a quick motion with his hands pulling the oars to push forward massive amounts of water. The rowing boat lunges forward with speed atop the water.

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Paralympic Rowing

Paralympic Rowing is rowing for people physically and mentally disabled, including paralysis at the lower body, and paralysis or amputation of limbs. These are determined individuals who have overcome their challenges by electing to change and improve their physical and mental health. There is no better sport than rowing to achieve this liberating outcome!

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Women’s rowing

Rowing is a sport for women who dream to improve their ability and skills and to be active and competitive in a healthy and professional lifestyle. Rowing also encourages work ethic as an individual or as part of a team. The mental and body training that are part of the workouts contribute to the balance of the mind and body resulting in confidence, leadership, and fellowship.

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Children and Youth rowing

The Tiberias Rowing Club makes great efforts to introduce children and youth to sport activities that supplement academic learning. The recruitment of young athletes starts from the age of 11, while integrating them with the young adult athletes.

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Coastal Rowing

Coastal Rowing is a new extreme sport that is developing in Israel. It is considered among water sports lovers as one of the most enjoyable offshoots of marine sport.

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