Sports master plan

The master plan was prepared in the mid-2000s, during a structured professional cooperation in all circles of competitive water sport, and the Tiberias rowing club. Tiberias marine education program focused on academic pursuit of competitive Olympic sport , particular emphasis was the place of the development and achievement in the pursuit of academic excellence of the over-all water sports, that requires professional management, boats, equipment and offshore installations suitable to the Sea of ​​Galilee.

we held national and international competitions for example – the 17th Maccabiah and the first international marathon in 2010 and second in 2011 was conducted with the participation of hundreds of athletes ,that led to the international recognition of the union FISA as a lake Kinneret to be a sport center for Olympic rowing competitions , competitions where athletes can demonstrate achievement and excellence.

the Location of Tiberias near the Jordan Valley and the kibbutzim have potential for the development of sports and tourism , that offers the tourist many attractions and natural conditions that are optimal.
the historically legacy that is sacred to three religions of the world is ideal, these conditions create enormous leverage to promote and develop the marine sports both amateur and competitive national and international in lake Kinneret.