Brief History

The Tiberias Rowing Club was established in Tiberias with the birth of Israel after the War of Israeli Independence in 1948. The idea for the establishment of the club was a vision come true by a group of brave warriors and idealists who fought for the independence of the homeland. These were people with military values but were additionally true ​​sports lovers who also loved dearly the Sea of Galilee and saw the potential of developing rowing in the new nation of Israel. These were amazing and remarkable people like policeman Arlond Rosenthal, educator Simon Radix, and brothers Jacob and David Darmon.

The club humbly began its operations with two boats that were donated by the city administration of Mannheim, Germany. The donation was in the memory of the community of Jewish rowers who perished in World War II at the death camps of the Holocaust. Built at the Tiberias promenade near the Greek Orthodox church in the old Jewish courtyard of old Tiberias, the location of the club used to be an old smoked fish warehouse located at the bottom of the Greek Church.

Over the years, thousands of athletes have passed through the club gates to row, train, and compete on the Sea of Galilee. The Tiberias Rowing Club is the only club of its kind located on the edge of the Sea of ​​Galilee. It has also attracted athletes from around the world. This is all thanks to the management of the club by dedicated people such as the Darmon brothers, “REVIVO”, “Agib”, countless board members, and other friends of TRC who have invested their heart and soul.

A special part of the club’s history is tied to the Darmon Brothers. Until the early eighties, brothers Jacob and David Darmon managed and led the club, and its development. They also led the athletes of the club in their achievements. Under the leadership and direction of the Darmen brothers, TRC won many competitions across the country, won in national and international competitions, and was recognized as one as the top 3 rowing clubs known and recognized in Israel.

In the Early 1980s, the generation of young athletes who grew up and were educated by the founders took the initiative for the development and promotion of the club. Athletes like Momi Cohen, Shimon Kokosh, and David Seaton joined the Darmon brothers in the administration of the club. Their involvement refreshed the administrative management, and ultimately led to the establishment of a nonprofit organization thanks to the incredible work of Secretary-Amnon Drori. The organization was also officially registered at the Israeli Rowing Association and was later recognized officially by the FISA world rowing association. The club was additionally recognized in the 1990’s as a water sports center of excellence by the Sports Director of Israel. These achievements have led to generations of outstanding young athletes who continue to bring honor the city of Tiberias and Israel through national and international competitions, and winning medals at prestigious regattas and multi-sport competitions.

Today, the club’s management and its members are working with determination and energy to expand competitive and recreational rowing in Israel. Come join us in Tiberias and row with us on the historic Sea of Galilee.

The establishment of the club 01/10/1946