Athletic & educational goals

Due to the expansion of the sports activities in the club and its development over the years, there are gaps in ongoing physical conditions on the existing club facilities, the existing conditions are not adapte themselves to the rhythm of the rapid development of the club .in order to continue and to expand the activities of the club and its contribution to the community, it is essential to upgrade the facilities in order to establish an Olympic sports center which will be integrated into all subjects of water sports, the center is planne to give the option of expanding the potential of water sports activities.

the marine Center will serve more than another device for sporting purposes, it will provide building blocks for the construction of values ​​and personal responsibility it will serve as an example for the youth program the center will provide the opportunity of integration into Israeli society and to the community in Tiberias and Sea of ​​Galilee settlements.

the Goals and objectives of the sports program in the long term – representing Israel Olympics in Rio de Janeiro planned in 2016; Representation the European Championships, World Championships and international rowing competitions takes place in Europe and around the world,
The purpose of the international program first and foremost is to create a local base for professional international sports industry, that will be carried out at regular intervals with Lake Kinneret training camps and integrating them into an international tourism marketing programs similar to European countries that host thousands of tourists and nature lovers of sports.

Leading the national goal to integrate the Olympic water sports facility for training and national competitions, is for the benefit of the local population.

it gains the results of national pride and of the State of Israel and the of Tiberias.