Arlond Rosenthal

Arnold was born in Frankfurt . He graduated high school in his hometown, In the fall of that year the family moved to Turkey . his approach to the Zionist idea brought him to Palestine.

Arlond served in the “Haganah and Ahc received to the watchmen unit under the British command, he use toTraine watchmen unit.

Arnold was appointed to the protective security guard of the Sea of ​​Galilee, a position he was doing till the end. . This combination of love and its tendency to sport spawned “madness” to one thing – water sports.

he brought boats to the sea of Galilee corrected them, color them, and believed that along side football also marine activities can happen for the youth of Tiberias.
Arnold fell before his dream come true. Symbolically, it is the Sea of ​​Galilee he found his death. On the first day the Six Day War, the Syrian aircraft achieved Arnold police boat Kinneret. Three bullets put an end to his life. in 05/06/1967, Sergeant Arnold fell while serving. he wa at the age of Fifty-four He was buried in the cemetery of Tiberias.