Eitan Oved

president of the Israeli Rowing Federation

Birth – DECEMBER 1954
Residential – north-Tiberias.
Status – married + 4

1986 – 1988 Business Administration degree with honors
2009 2013 – Administration- honors degree of security – specialization in civelian Protection
Languages: Hebrew – Arabic – English.

Employment 1978 2013:
CEO Companies – Companies in Israel – operation in crisis management, human resources. Managing companies in a variety of activities in international projects.

Active military service from 1973 to 1978:
Combat commander and an elite paratrooper officer – an officer’s, warrior and commander in operations.
Reserve military service – from 1978 to 2008:
Major – intelligence unit operations officer – reserve unit commander, the commander of an emergency control center.

Public Positions: 2013-1998
Tiberias councilor variety of senior positions / Chairman of the Association of Municipalities firefighting and rescue / Chairman of Security and forien affairs / Chairman of the Economic Company / Chairman of Tiberias rowing club / member of the Israeli Rowing Association.
Public activities: 1998-2013.
Treatment of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement \ advise the committee the Prime Minister. \ Establishment of the Cemetery of Tiberias, Sea Center of Excellence establishment \ establishing security and network security Tiberias \ handling crime families in North \ Establishment of Foreign Relations Tiberias \ Command operations room – 2nd Lebanon War \ Chairman of the Association of Municipalities firefighting rescue \ Chairman of Anti-Corruption Commission